Although these are just quick pictures taken prior to shipping by Pirate Upholstery, they do show the look and feel of the new/old saddle. The color is a sand (beige) with dark brown stitching and lettering to match the dark brown Vespa GTV-300 of mine. The saddle and back of the Top Box Back Rest had the following work performed:

  1. Gel inlayed into the seat to reduce vibration and shocks and help comfort my older back 🙂
  2. Cut, sew and seal on AM Sand Vinyl with Dark Brown Snake Skin for Vespa GTV Lettering and Dark Brown Stitching

The work was done on an extra GTS-300 Seat that I had.

I look forward to a more comfortable ride without the constant feeling of slipping forward off the seat like I was getting with the stock GTV saddle.

Additionally, LET IT RAIN! (no more worrying about leather damage).

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