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There are no videos about installing the Brembo brake calipers or any other brake calipers on YouTube that I could find (send me a link if anyone knows of a good video). I therefore spent some time reviewing the Haynes Manual and found a few entries in Modern Vespa on this subject. I also received some advice from SIP Scootershop in Germany.  For those of you planning to install these, I have listed below a few other things you NEED to order and do before you start.

First you need to order the following additional parts that DO NOT COME WITH THE BREMBO CALIPER!

  1. Zelioni Bracket Adapter for the Vespa 300 # ZELA01FS (DAG01FSL)
  2. Two screws to fix the caliper on the adapter. We recommend a M10x20mm screw.
  3. A new set of sealing washers for the banjo since it is recommended to discard the sealing washers when you remove the banjo (brake line). Apparently these can be purchased separately from a Yamaha or Honda dealer using these part numbers: Yamaha 90430-10005-00 or Honda 90545-300-000 for the washer.

Once you have the above you can follow the instructions that will follow in a month when the weather is better and I film the job.

You also have to swap the bleeder screw and connection for brake hose. (mount the bleeder screw on top as you can see on the following pics). People who have not done this end up grinding the banjo bolt because it rubs against the inner wheel.

Example of Swapped Bleeder Valve:

Notice how the bleeder is on top and this gives more room for the banjo

reversed bleeder


Example of Ground Banjo to Clear Wheel Rim:

This picture was found on http://modernvespa.com/forum/topic111917  and was posted by jumperjohn. The Brembo Caliper comes stock with the bleeder on the bottom.

ground banjo ground banjo1