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A Vespa GTV-300 somehow demands attention. Whether it be a wash, checking the air pressure, changing a belt or adding something special to make it yours, it always calls for attention. During the winter months up here in the north when the Vespa is in storage, we have far too much time on our hands to think and dream about what we would like to do to it, consider the assault on our budget and then we have an additional month or two to design a strategy and defense against the budget assault until we simply surrender to the urge and place the order.

This year is no different than the previous years except that I have discovered a new online vendor of scooter parts. Because of my wrist issue (www.proximalrowcarpectomy.com) I decided that I would need better braking that required less hand strength. Additionally, the bottoming out on bumps tends to hurt so I decided on Malossi shocks front and back.  Actually, the shocks are also for safety and highway riding since I have heard they make a huge difference in stability and handling at higher speeds. I therefore have decided to upgrade the shocks on my wife’s GTS-300 as well as my GTV-300 (two sets required). Well, as you would have it, I was reading about installing the shocks and discovered that I would need to remove the exhaust. So, I finally convinced myself that if I am to remove the exhaust that I may as well replace it with a new Malossi Exhaust System. I had considered the Leo Vince but was convinced by many other scooterists that the build quality of the Malossi is better than the Leo Vince. I guess we will see shortly.

 malossi front shock malossi shocks malossi exhaust

Shocks, calipers and exhaust systems? That is a pretty pricy project not to mention some of the prices that I had received to install all of that stuff.

I had taken more than a month (all of February and March) shopping on line and placing these items into a shopping cart only to click the upper right “X” on the browser due to sticker shock and the avoidance of a possible heart attack.

For example, at Scooterwest.com where I normally purchase most of my stock the prices were as follows (remember that I need two pairs of shocks):

2 x Malossie RS 24 Front Shocks: $ 518.00

2 x Malossi RS 24 Rear Set Shocks = $ 798.00

1 x Malossi Exhaust: $ 499.00 (Note: Leo Vince is $ 399.00)

Shipping Cost: $ 60.21

Total Cost = $ 1,875.21

The next best pricing was at SIP Scooter shop in Germany which is where I ordered the Brembo brake calipers. However, because of their arrangement with Malossi, they are not permitted to ship here.

Then, suddenly out of the blue I discovered ScooterPartsCo.com. (My New Super Hero!)

2 x Malossi Paioli RS24 Front Shock  = $397.94

2 x Malossi Paioli RS24 Rear Shocks (Pair)  = $579.94

1 x Malossi RX Exhaust  = $399.99

Shipping Flat Rate (Best Way): $7.99

Total: $1,385.86  (Savings of $ 489.35)


In addition to having excellent pricing, they have a quick and thorough response to questions and e-mails. Their website is also very fast. However, please note that they carry many other items that are not listed on their website because they are not allowed to put certain items when the prices are far less than the MSRP (such as Leo Vince). Therefore, it is always a good idea to send them an e-mail requesting their price on items you need that you can not find on their website. You will be pleasantly surprised with their response. After reading their first few responses, I quickly came to the conclusion that these people are serious scooterists and know their business and the parts that they sell. Check them out!

So the next step is the installation. After receiving some quotations for the work such as the one below (more than the performance parts cost), I am seriously considering doing all of the work myself (with the help of my wife, YouTube, ModernVespa.com, Haynes Manual etc…). I have found an excellent step-by-step installation guide from a gentleman who posted it on ModernVespa.com. He has given me permission to report it on this blog, so stay tuned…

Installation Estimates (Please Send Your Comments on This)

GTV-300 2012

  • Replace rear shocks
  • Replace front shock
  • Replace Front caliper
  • Replace muffler
  • Bleed front and rear brakes
  • Brake fluid and shop supplies
  • Approx $735 + Tax

GTS-300 2012

  • Replace rear shocks
  • Replace front shocks
  • bleed front and rear brakes
  • brake fluid and shop supplies
  • approx $515 + Tax