I have not published much lately since I am in the middle of releasing a completely new version of my software (CIS 2014), purchasing a new house and arranging for a move and finally the absolutely cold weather has just kept my mind away from riding the Vespa or a convertible Abarth. I apologize for that.

1010004_827314120616204_1431730344_n Although this morning’s temperature is no comfort or motivation to begin thinking of riding in the sun, I did receive the Brembo Brake package from S.I.P. in Germany yesterday. Now that got some juices going.

I also am awaiting to have my new seat from Pirate Upholsteries. I had sent out the standard GTS-300 seat to have a gel pad added and re-upholstered with the back cover for the top box using a light sand color vinyl that looks like leather. I intend to use it on my GTV since I am hoping it will be the most comfortable. If yes, I will have the GTV seat and matching back for the top box for sale in the early spring.

 DSC00612 DSC00613 DSC00614

Finally, I am considering to order Malossi Shocks and Leo Vince Gran Turismo Exhaust. Perhaps both the GTV-300 and the Fiat Abarth will sound similar?

Now I need to figure out the installation. I do not like touching brakes so the Brembo brakes may be done at a dealer. I am considering doing the exhaust and Shocks myself or with a helper (anyone?).

But for now, I will put on my down jacket, scarf, hat and gloves and take my dogs for a walk (IN MARCH!!!). I am certain that once the warm weather comes I will have much more to blog about…