Unlike my last entry highlighting an adventure of a lifetime that most of us can dream about achieving, this is about the exact opposite. A friend of mine Mike Fritz sent me a link to a video on YouTube titled “The Road Warriors” that highlights the Irish Motorcycle Races.

I was intrigued at the start of the video and then started to imagine what it would be like racing at speeds over 180 Miles/Hour surrounded by other bikes on wet rainy roads with hills and curves abound. My breathing stopped at one point (2:59/8:01 into the movie) when one rider’s bike was seriously wobbling at over 150 Miles/Hour and he pulled it back without a second thought.

I watched the bikes wobble from stress as they were pushed into the curves at maximum revs. I was in awe when one bike passed another by cutting in front and the two tires touched at over 180 Miles/Hour (4:40/8:01 into the movie).

I think that deep down we all have an urge to go fast, to have an adventure, to cross a forbidden line. What makes us different is how we balance the urge with the consequences or how we do the math. The math of course is quite simple after we consider the adventure and factor in our skill level as follows:.

X = Satisfaction of Having the Adventure (1 – 10 where 10 is the most)

Y = What are the odds to die (1 – 10 where 10 is the most)

Z = What are the odds for Serous Injury (1 – 10 where 10 is the most)


When Y + Z > X ——— Don’t Do It

When Y + Z = X ——— Go with your Gut

When Y + Z < X ——— Put it on the Bucket List

As I had mentioned in my last entry, the next challenge is having the health, money and time to pursue the adventure.

As I watched this video, my calculations were as follows:

Y + Z = 20, whereas my X=10

Therefore, I would never in a million years consider racing in this manner. But do I enjoy watching it?