I think that many people dream of riding but cannot cross the line. They spend too much time thinking about the safety of a car cage and airbags. They never reach their dreams of riding and becoming free…

Then there are those of us who ride and soon realize a new dream such as the once in a lifetime adventure by Alex Chacón. We then understand that we are not as free as we believe.

But sadly the dream remains only a dream. We do not have the time, the health, the money or the conviction to reach out and grab it.

I find myself basking in the beauty of Alex’s videos, pictures and stories that he shares with us at http://www.expeditionsouth.com/. Can you imaging the life changing journey this would be.

A friend of mine introduced me to “A Modern Motorcycle Diaries” and I just keep thinking about what I would do if I had the opportunity to re-live my life. Am I too old for a 500 day journey?

Who knows? Perhaps in the upcoming years my wrist, my business, my health and my life commitments will all line up and I will have the opportunity to meet Alex and perhaps take half of his journey.

In the meantime, lets all enjoy his ride…