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So November is here as well as the cold weather, ice on the roads and snow imminent. This weekend we put away our Vespa GTV-300, GTS-300 and the Abarth C. All vehicles were cleaned and polished so that they will be ready and pretty for next season.

All vehicles had shell V-Tech gas with no ethanol as well as SeaFoam in the fuel lines. Oil and filter changes were done. We removed the batteries from the bikes and they will be on a charger in our basement. We disconnected the Negative terminal from the Abarth C.

We pumped the air up 20 % more on all tires and placed rubber mats under each tire so that they are not sitting on cement. The storage area is heated to 50 degrees F and is protected.

Below are pictures we took as we had completed the Abarth (under its cover) and were almost done with the two Vespas. They also are covered by the way (no picture taken).

They are sleeping happily over a Balloon Store.


Until next year…