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Look Mom, I Can Fly!

(LOL – They look like little wings)


They look so funny but keep my hands really warm. They function well and do not interfere with riding. You can operate the starter button, turn signals and horn with your thumb. I think they are better than electric handle bar heaters in the cold because I think that the heater would heat the inside of your hand but the flips side getting the wind would freeze.

These are neoprene hand grip covers by Tucano Urbano and are made specifically for the Vespa with handlebar end weights. I installed them on the GTS and on the GTV. However, they do not install according to the instructions on the GTV because the handle grips on the GTV are a larger diameter, the same size as a Honda Goldwing. I liked that about the GTV. As you can see in the instructions below, the part # 43 simply will not fit. However, I used the tie strap and with that and the rubber suction cup that goes around the bar weights, they seem to fit and stay on ok. I tried them last night and they kept my hands warm. (with gloves on).


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Tucano Urbano Hand Warmers

Tucano Urbano Hand Warmers

Well, before actually installing these on the two bikes, I had changed the oil and filter in preparation for the soon to be winter storage. I will be adding seafoam to the gas for the remainder of rides until the Vespa ends up in the storage with the Abarth.