Many people have complained about the comfort of the GTV seat but strenuously lived with it because the seat looks so nice and classic. I am one of those people until today.

ModernVespa.com has offered the solution of raising the front of the seat using a nylon spacer bars and longer Bolts. I was able to find the M6-40 mm and 50 mm bolts but I could not find the spacers. So this is my variation on the theme and from what I have read about the difficulty lining up the washers and spacers, this may be easier as well.

The original designer of this fix:  Click Here for Link

I used 2x sets of stacked washers and taped the sides. They measured about 0.512” Thick. These are for the front two bolts and go between the seat and the plastic base.


It was simple to line up the stacked washers and then gently place the two bolts through the holes and start screwing them in. No Problem!


I put the seat back on and the front was about 1/2 ” higher. I took it around town for a test ride and it seemed to work. I definitely did not slide forward on simple stops. Obviously on a hard stop, I still slide a bit. I seem to be sitting better into a saddle now.The next issue to solve is the leather is slippery. I could re-upholster but before I do, I will try to find a solution using some sort of conditioner to soften the leather and make it less slippery.