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I have research this topic to death since I am about to store the abarth and the Vespa for 4 1/2 to 5 months for the winter. Although the Vespa will be on the center stand, the Abarth will not be. I have found that there are really four different approaches and each have their unique costs. I am going with the $ 0.00 cost approach and and comfortable with that.


Solution # 1 – $ 0.00 (My Choice for this year)

  • Completely unload the vehicle so that minimum weight will be placed on the tires
  • Over inflate tires to recommended operating pressure plus 25% (about 55-60 PSI on my low profile tires that should be at 32 PSI normally). Ensure that the rim manufacturer’s inflation capacity is not exceeded
  • Be sure the storage surface is firm, clean, well drained and reasonably level
  • Avoid moving the vehicle during extremely cold weather (not applicable for me since car is stored at 50 degrees F)
  • Move the vehicle at least every three months to prevent ozone cracking in the tire bulge area, as well as “flat-spotting” from the prolonged strain of sidewall and tread deflection
  • Adjust inflation before putting the vehicle back into service (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)


Solution # 2 – $ 275.00

Purchase a set of tire holders or supporters such as FlatStoppers.


Solution # 3 – $ Cost of Jacks ?

Jack the car up during storage. However, I have read both positive and negative opinions on this approach. Many say that the car’s suspension was not designed to hang. Some say that if you jack it up that you should also jam a support under to push on the suspension so it does not float. Seems like a lot of work.


Solution # 4 – $ 200.00 – $800.00

Purchase a cheap worn set of rims and tires to be used for storage. Much like having a set of winter tires. I really like and prefer this approach since it guarantees no flat spots. The only problem is the cost of tires and rims for the new Abarth. They are few and far in between and expensive.

I will start looking to get free from a dealer who removes old tires and try to buy some rims for the years to come. If I am lucky, I will have this option sooner than later.