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They are predicting snow for within a week. Additionally, rain is predicted for most of the week, so you can understand why I just hopped on the Vespa to ride.

I was also motivated because I had just sold my Nikon V1 set-up on e-bay and used the funds to purchase a new Sony NEX-6 with WiFi and all. I was dying to see how it worked so I planned to ride to a few of my special spots and take some pictures.

Although it was cold, I had dressed proper for the weather and I quite enjoyed the ride. I always feel that the engine runs better in colder weather. I find the same for cars.

Upon my return later in the afternoon, proceeded to wash the abarth sitting in the driveway and cover it up with the CoverKing cover.

It is down to days before they all go into storage.

I posted the pictures of my ride on my NEW Flicker page. I created a set just for yesterday and you can feel free to click on the Flicker Logo below to enjoy them. To access my Flicker account to see all my pictures, the link is www.peterspictures.ca.