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So yesterday I wanted to get a picture of the Abarth with the GTV-300 and GTS-300 Sport but I wanted a nicer background than my driveway. I wanted these for the blog since I am about to add Abarth to this blog. I obtained the domain name www.abarthadventures.ca that is now pointing here. So I asked a friend to ride my Vespa to Long Sault Parkway where there would certainly be a choice of beautiful backgrounds. To really appreciate the humour of Mike riding a Vespa, you would have to see him riding his vintage Yamaha, pictured below and realize how big and tall he really is in person:


As I was either following them or leading the way, I could not help but admire how cool it looked on the road watching the Vespa GTV-300 and GTS-300 riding together in formation. If it were not for my darn wrist surgery, that would have being us all summer long. Below is the video of my friend riding My Vespa next to My Wife so that I could get some nice pictures. The video below highlights the two of them riding and then the final pictures for my blog. You be the judge (now this should open the door for some comments)….

Picture Day