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It is the end of September and fall is setting in with it’s painting the leaves with such beautiful colors. Normally a day like today wouldWP_20130928_002 be cool at best. We started off the day cooking a Pork But to make Pulled Pork and then Coleslaw for a friend who was moving his mother. Since I could not help with the move, I volunteered to feed everyone. So by 1:00 PM we stopped off with the Pork and Coleslaw served with pickles and hamburger buns. We stayed for a sandwich and a coffee but right after eating the guys had to get back to work to unload the U-Haul.

The turned out to be hot and sunny. So we decided to take a 3-hour run through the country up to small towns like Finch and Chesterville. I lead the way with the Abarth, top down and 60s music blaring through the Beats Sound System. Chantal followed me on her Vespa GTS-300 Sport. all decked out with the new top box, seat and LED Lights.

We found a house in Finch that we will take a look at. It has an in ground pool, WP_20130928_003garage for our toys and beautiful 10 foot ceilings and hardwood floors. They are asking $ 179,00.00 but I heard afterwards that it is in need of electrical work. Thanks goodness that I know an electrician.

We hope to see it next week and assess the work required and even make an offer. This would be about 30-40 minutes closer to work for Chantal and would bring us into the country. We would be surrounded by farms and country roads. What more could someone who rides and Abarth and Vespa ask for?

On the way home we decided to stop near the Upper Canada Region and take a few pictures. Notice the beautiful colors of the trees in the background…

I would write more but it is Sunday morning and we woke to yet another hot and sunny day. We have decided to head towards Montreal (Pointe-Claire to be exact) to have a visit with the parents-in-law. I will take the Cavaliers (Porthos and Bailey) in the back seat of the Abarth and like yesterday, Chantal will follow me on her Vespa (man, that is killing me!).