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Although fall is coming, yesterday was a nice sunny day although a bit cool. I took advantage of this day to wash and clean the Abarth and Daisy. I also finished the installation of the LED lights on the top box. For those of you installing lighting and are looking for the main wiring under the back fender please note that the wiring is very tiny and small and wrap tightly together. On the weekend I could not install lighting because I could not find the wiring because I was looking for a larger diameter rubber enclosed wiring. In reality it’s very thin and wrapped tight with electrical tape.

So yesterday I found the wiring, unwrapped electrical tape and then fished my LED wiring down towards the back of the gas tank on the side. I used Posi-Taps to connect the wiring and everything worked like a charm.

So now Daisy’s fully painted, fully lit up, and has a lowered seat so that she is ready to rock ‘n roll for my wife Chantal. Have a look at the final Product.