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Yesterday was the day when all of the tiny little items that we ordered from ScooterWest in San Diego, scooter crazy from United Kingdom, and other items from local stores finally were all in inventory. We knew that the weekend forecast was rain so we put Chantal’s Vespa (Daisy) into the backyard shed so that we can work on it over the weekend.

The first thing we did to the Vespa was prepared the brand-new top box with the ScooterWest LED lighting. The funny part about installing the top box was that the instructions were very hard to read like the last top box I installed a year ago. So it actually watch my own video that I made last year to remind me exactly how to install the top box and the size of the drill bits (haha).

As you can see from the pictures below, we installed the flat LED lights under the red reflectors on the outside of the top box and ran the wires through a hole that we drilled. Below is a picture of how I wired the wires inside the top box. However, this job is not completely finish since I did not want to heat shrink the two connectors and attached them to the wall until the final connection is made and I ensure that it works. So we installed all the wiring including the plug through the back of the top box which required another hole and ran the wires down into the motor section. We did not actually connect the wires yet because I could not find the wires underneath the cowl as stated in the ScooterWest video for installation. However since then I have found these wires and I intend to connect it today or tomorrow.

When Chantal test drove the bike afterwards she noticed that there was far less instability in the wind and on Highway. She had always noted that riding my GTV was more stable than her GTS. So we have duplicated almost everything from the GTV to the GTS and the top box was the last thing we had installed. Before she had a GIVI top box and we now think that this was a cause of some of the highway shutter.

We also removed the front reflectors and inserted the color-coordinated plugs that we bought from ScooterWest and then installed a chrome bumper on the front. Because my wife’s legs are short, we did not install the chrome rails on the back.

And this brings us to the final installation which for my wife is awesome! We received the new seat from Pirate Upholstery where they promised to lower it and refinishing it like the original. So with her new boots (previous article) and this new seat her feet are now flat on the ground. I measured the seat height to be 27.5 inches versus 31 to 32 inches. Not only is this seat lower it is slightly wider and provides a much more comfortable ride says Chantal. Additionally, the rise from the front to the passenger portion provides a nice support for the tailbone and lower back. So it seems that this was the best investment we made on the bike so far.

So now with the painting complete, the new top box and the LED lighting, the n ice bumper and new seat, Daisy is like a brand new Vespa except for…. Yes the Daisy!

We are on it looking for a daisy sticker for her Vespa…

As a final note, we have for sale the GIVI Top Box and Chrome mounting rack as well as a completely new top box with a crack in it. Unfortunately this box was received cracked in the shipping and Scooter Crazy replaced it. They sent me a new box bit not a new set of mounting hardware. So here is a new box with one small crack and no mounting hardware.