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Because of my wrist injury there has not been many entries in my blog this season because I simply have not touched the Vespa at all. However my hand is healing ever so slowly and I think I’m almost at the point where I can pull the brake on a good day. But my wife has been enjoying her Vespa and I thought it would be appropriate to write about the latest revisions we have made to Daisy.

I remember last year when I first got the Vespa and decided to do all the work, maintenance and improvements myself. Those were exciting days and they were filled with research on the Internet, watching YouTube videos and reading the maintenance service manual. Every little task was a challenge and I stepped up to it as if I were a pit crew in a race.

Last week we received the LED lights kit from ScooterWest to be installed on Daisy, the white GTS 300 sport. The last time I had done this I had my wife helping me feeding wires, I had my surface Pro tablet propped up outside watching the ScooterWest video step-by-step while I installed these LED lights into the turn signals and connected them to the power plug. Once completed, was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I turned the turn signals left and right and watch the lights work.

But this time was completely different. I went downstairs and grabbed a Phillips screwdriver and a torque driver and grab the LED light kit on the way outside. I immediately unscrewed the two front light covers, the front cover and then immediately disconnected the two turn signal lights and removed the bulbs. I then snapped in the new LEDs, fish the wires to the front of the bike, connected them with the splitter plug and screwed everything back together in a matter of minutes. And so what once was such a challenging job just became the every day “making the donuts” type of job.

In addition to adding the LED lights to Daisy we had brought Daisy to a paint shop and had all of the scratches repaired. The interesting part of this procedure was that the paint shop could not match the color with the Kinston paints and machinery that they had available for cars. They had to call in the paint people who brought in a special color camera and went back to the laboratory to formulate a color match and they did this quite well. So now I have a bottle of touch-up paint as well.

Finally, we added a chrome front bumper to Daisy because I believe that the chrome front bumper holds the plastic together type and reduces the wobbly at high speeds. You can feel the difference. We did not add the chrome on the back because my wife’s legs are too short and the chrome comes along the side of the bike which requires the legs to go even further on an angle to touch the ground. So this bike will not have any chrome on the back.

So the GTS 300 looks just like new!