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DSC_2416There is something new sitting on my desk this morning next to my coffee. I had picked this up yesterday just after I signed all the paperwork for my new Fiat Abarth C. Since I am unable to ride my Vespa with my wife through those country roads this season I decided that I am tired of sitting at home waiting for her to come back so I have taken a bit of action or should I say corrective action. Following a white Vespa GTS 300 in a Honda Civic EXL fully loaded just did not seem to be the fun thing to do.

However, leading the way in a white Fiat Abarth C convertible fully decked out with the black Abarth stripes plus the large scorpion draped over the 2013-Fiat-500C-Abarth-4hood seems to be much more appropriate. So I traded my Honda Civic 2012 for a Fiat Abarth C 2013. Yes it may be small, yes it’s got limited trunk space but you should hear it roar. Consumer’s reports describes the Fiat Abarth as the by-product of a Vespa mating with a Ferrari. And let me tell you, this is really an accurate definition of the Fiat Abarth. When you look at it from the street you immediately notice something different about it but you can’t put your finger on it. It seems to Look like the fenders are a bit wider or the wheels are nicer and the badges are a bit different but it still is a Fiat. But the minute the engine starts, you know there’s something bad in that Fiat that you have never seen before! So let me tell you that after my test drive, I have to say it brings me back to the days when I raced Austin minis on the ice in the 1970s.

So I have two more sleeps or sleepless nights 023_23Abefore I get my car. But the weather says Sunny and warm all weekend and the top will be down while I zipped through the country roads with an Italian white Vespa. Additionally, I can bring the dogs!

Below is a picture that I gave them to put the large scorpion on the front hood. It is not my car, but the large scorpion will be on the hood. My car has black stripes and not the red like below. Picture the white car above with the scorpion like on the car below.


More to come in two days…