I cannot believe it happened to my wife, Chantal. I acquired the disease even before I took delivery of my Vespa GTV 300 and I know of friends down South who definitely have the Vespawannaccessories disease. It started with a simple top box to carry extra clothing then chrome license plate holders with special Vespa bolts. Then came LED lighting, vinyl wraps, leather jackets, handlebar warmers, more chrome, even more chrome, new tires, better tires, voltage monitors and much more. There is no cure!

But my wife? I would have put all my money that she would have been immune to such a disease. When I found the Vespa that had the daisy on the top box and ended up buying it for such a good price she was happy. I wanted to have the scratches painted but she said why? It’s only a bike and I may drop it. My wife takes pleasure in the very simple things in life. A car is just a car, it gets you from point a to point B says Chantal. Nothing more! She never asks for much and is always thankful for what she has. This is part of what makes her very special.

But then suddenly last week she she fell victim to the vespawannaccessories disease like so many others in the past. I can’t say how it happened or exactly when it happened but it happened. She woke up and wanted the real Vespa top box. She wasn’t happy with the GIVI top box that came with the bike . She wanted the real McCoy! She wanted the scratches on the side of her Vespa painted. She wanted pictures of the daisy from the old top box brought to a vinyl sign manufacture to duplicate so that it can be mounted on the new top box. She wanted new boots that had higher souls so she would be flat-footed on the pavement. She ordered the front LED lighting kit to be more visible on the road. She wanted a cramp buster to fit her Vespa. So in one week, Daisy is in the paint shop, the boots are on order, the top box will be shipped on Monday from England, she also ordered from England new handlebar covers front and back because hers had a crack and we received the front LEDs turn signal conversion to running light kit from ScooterWest.

I know this is the first phase of the vespawannaccessories disease because she spent over $1000 on accessories in less than five days. She now will be entering phase 2 of this disease.

Is there a cure for this costly disease? I think not. However I do know some people such as my friend Keith in Georgia who have seemed to develop an immunity to the disease over time and I quote Keith who said  “I search the web every day looking for accessories for my Vespa and/or my MP3 only to realize that I have everything and there is nothing new”.

So for those of us in phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 or phase 4 of this disease, rest assured that there is hope for recovery and it only takes time and money…