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Yesterday my fingers were feeling extremely nimble compared to what they have been feeling over the last two months since the operation, so I decided that I would try to tinker on some of the modifications that I purchased a few months ago.

I had a bright white high-intensity bulb to put in the headlight because that was bothering me since last year when I installed all of the LED kits and all of the front lights of my bike were nice and bright white while my headlight had a yellowish orange color. Additionally, I have purchased a heads up voltage monitor to be installed next to my cigarette lighter on the front left side of the Vespa.

I didn’t take pictures of the actual installation since I did not really think I was able to do it. I thought I would just play around and see how it would plug-in but I seriously didn’t think I would drill the hole and finalize the installation, but I did. So today I’ve taken a video after-the-fact explaining how I installed it. It really is quite easy and all you need is a quarter inch drill bit and I had purchased the voltage plug splitters and an accessory voltage plug so that it really was simply plug-and-play. Below is the video and after the video are a few pictures of the white lights in front of the Vespa and you’ll notice how they are all bright white.

Voltage Monitor


DSC_2409   DSC_2410

Finally, worth mentioning; I decided I would gear up and take the Vespa out for a ride, even if it was just around the block. Healing is a funny process. You cross certain points where you think you’re almost there only to discover you’ve gotten only 20% up the Hill. This was one of those times because while I was installing the voltage monitor and starting the engine to ensure that it works, I also was revving the engine and squeezing the brakes. It seemed to me that my hand was working fair enough to allow me to ride the Vespa ever so gently.

So I got geared up on this hot summer day and I have to admit that pulling my riding pants up above my hips was difficult on my right hand. So I got on the Vespa and proceeded out through my gate and down my driveway. I took a right and I was planning to go to the bank to make a deposit. But as I took the first corner on my street I realized that my braking power on my right hand was nowhere near where it should be so I continued around the block and parked the Vespa back in its parking spot.

So it is now 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I cleaned my Vespa and she is shiny and ready to go with no one to take her. I decided not to wrap her up since my wife will be home around 6 o’clock and I am certain that I can convince her to take her for a ride. We had taken Daisy into the paint shop on Monday to have the scratches on the side fixed and she will be ready tomorrow. She will be brand spanking new.

So before I leave to the bank I decided to make this blog entry and be done with it for the day. I figure I have another month or two minimum before I can attempt such a ride again.