I have spent a better part of today teaching my computer to understand my voice and take dictation.  This is the result of reading paragraph after paragraph to my computer.  So this article was written by the computer as I dictated.  Why you may ask?

Saturday morning was going to be the beginning of an amazing weekend.  It was a long weekend and we had planned to get away.  In fact, this would be our first trip together where Chantal would be riding her own Vespa.  We hired dog sitters for the weekend and they arrived early Saturday morning to pick up Porthos and Bailey.

As you know from my last blog entry I was changing a spark plug early Saturday morning before we left.  In doing so my hand had to reach down into the belly of the beast while twisting and turning to undo the clip and twist the spark plug holder.  That particular motion initiated a flare up of an old injury that I was putting off dealing with.  As I was typing the blog entry Saturday morning while Chantal getting ready to go my hand began to swell.

It became very sore, for more sore than ever before.  I got dressed and ready to ride but could not operate the throttle and brake.  I could barely turn the Vespa around and put her back into the parking lot.  After 1 hour I could not move my hand so I went to the hospital to seek the advice of a professional.  After X-rays I met with the surgeon who confirmed that I triggered an old injury and that after it heals I should have surgery for Kienbock’s disease.  I explained that the only time I would consider having surgery would be in the winter when I can ride.  Furthermore, I wanted to take the time to read about my options and consult with other specialists.

The bad news was that I cannot ride all weekend and possibly for the next week or two.  The good news is that Chantal was forced to ride out on her own.  And that she did!


Saturday she rode to Morrisburg and back.  She used more than half a tank of gas.  She went even further on Monday.  Additionally I spent 3 hours training this computer to take dictation without me typing.  I was planning to do this in order to write a book but also procrastinated this task.  It is 4:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday as I dictate this blog.  The computer has been very accurate and is made very few mistakes.

I went to my Po Box today with a car in a cage and picked up some of the parts I ordered from Scooterwest.  They included Xeon headlights and LED lights fort Chantal’s Vespa.  I don’t know when my wrist will be well enough to actually turn a screwdriver and install these.  Today is day three after my injury and my hand is in fact feeling better.  I ice my hand 3 to 4 times a day and keep it wrapped up for the rest of the day.  On Sunday I could not hold my arm up without my hand falling down in pain since I had no energy the hold it up.  I could not lift a piece of paper.  Today however I noticed a huge improvement.  I can lift the coffee cup!

The first thing I ordered today was a chrome Cramp-buster. I have a feeling I will need this in the very near future.  We have rain WP_20130521_012forecasted for the next four days which will allow more time for my hand to heal.

So believe it or not this whole entry was accomplished without typing one letter. So whoever thought changing the spark plug would be so dangerous?