Tall Windshield Cut to Medium

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We got the windshields back from the Glass Store and installed them this morning. Since Chantal desperately needs to practice riding and her balance before her M1 exit test, we decided to go for a ride, even though it was cold and VERY windy.

I like the height of the windshield. It is level with the tip of my nose so I can see clearly over it yet it provides my upper body protection from the wind.

We took off for a Ride

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We went to the Quebec border through the back roads which was about a 35-minute ride then stopped at Denny’s for a beak. We circled around back using route # 2 along the waterfront of the St.Laurence Seaway.

The wind was extremely high at 25-30 Miles/Hour so Chantal got a good lesson on balancing the bike while riding and I got to hear the helmet noise since I cut the windshield. I really can not say if I like it better after today since the wind was just too high. I will come back to that on another day that is more normal because there was a bit of helmet noise from the wind.

Stopped for Practice

Along the way home, we stopped at Service Canada’s parking lot which was empty on a Sunday and used it for a training ground. We were doing the figure eights, accelerate and come to a dead stop and slow turns and twists.


Now The Fall!

With every good day, some times something small goes wrong. In this case, Daisy fell over. Not because of Chantal’s riding, in fact; she was napping on the couch. The wind was so strong that it blew the Vespa over into her Honda Civic. I think it was the cover that was tied underneath to prevent it from blowing away that just filled up with air like a sail on a boat. Now in all the commotion, do you think that I stopped to take any pictures? Nope…

We ran out, freaked out, and we both looked at each other trying to decide what to do. I grabbed the handle bars and started to lift her up but she had the handle bar lock on so I screamed to Chantal to get the key and to undo the cover. Then I lifted the handle bars while Chantal lifted the back. She was back on her two wheels and then we both looked at each other acknowledging that we were freezing! So as one held Daisy the other went in and got a coat on.

We decided that keeping her in the driveway with the high wind is probably not a good idea so we struggled together but got her up and down into the back yard. We have hired a contractor who will be coming in two weeks to remove the large mound of property between our driveway and build a retaining wall and stone-work on the ground so that we can get the bikes in and out of the back easily.  But again, they do not start until two weeks.

The amazing part is that there is not a scratch on the Vespa or on the Honda other than a slight surface blemish on the Honda’s front bumper.