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My windshield for the GTV-300 is the tall one and only one available for the GTV. It is too tall for my liking and I had planned to have it cut to just above the vertical bars holding it. That would place it around my chin area so that I have total visibility without looking through the windshield yet the wind will be deflected from my upper body therefore reducing riding fatigue.

Additionally, with the long windshield, I receive no wind through my Arai to cool my head while riding on hot summer days. I admit the tall windshield was nice in the cold weather, but it would also cause more fogging in my helmet since again, there was no wind flow. So it has to be cut.

On the GTS, I installed a medium windshield for my wife. However. she is not that tall and the edge is level with her upper nose almost eyes. I can imagine that this would be annoying and she also would like a few inches cut.

So cutting it is…

There is an old glass, door, plastic store in Cornwall with a gentleman who has operated it since the beginning of time. His rates are so reasonable that it makes attempting to do it yourself a total waste of time. The fee to cut and polish the edges of the windshield is $ 20.00.

The catch is that he will only do it on a rainy day since on a sunny day he is out and about installing screens, store front windows and repairing windows and screens.

Yesterday the forecast on all the weather channels was rain and thunderstorms for the next three days. So last night I measured both windshields and placed masking tape to mark the height for him to cut. I removed the windshields but left the metal bars in place (looks funny). I assumed I would bring him the windshields today and they would be done by the end of the day.

I am now looking out my windows while also looking at the current hourly weather forecast and there seems to be a little conflict, or is it just me?

My dilemma today is do I re-install my windshield and use my Vespa today or stay with the plan? I generally never use my car when I can use my Vespa.


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