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This will be the first entry I make using my Windows 8 phone with the WordPress app.

I left the house at 5:20 am Saturday to arrive in Orleans for 6:45 am because the New Vespa dealer has a Saturday first come first served policy for oil changes and tire changes.

I arrived first, bright-eyed and ready to experience the new dealers service. Tire change cost 130.00 plus the tires. I am trying the new Michelin Pure Power Sc.

Right after I decided on these, I heard from some other scooterists that they handle well but do not wear as long as the City Grip by Michelin. I guess I will find out..

The ride up was beautiful. Cool morning after a hit day yesterday so all the fields were full of fog it steam. I stopped for a minute to snap a picture.

The ride home should be much warmer and brighter.



Update: On the way back I stopped and removed the liner in my leather Dainese and put on the dark sun visor on the Arai. My first comments about the Michelin Pure Power SC is that they really grip the road. They corner like they are stuck to the pavement. I feel better now with the ride but perhaps not so much later this year if they are worn out. However., they do look like they have deep threads and that they are made to go the distance.


The ride home was also nice. Hot sun, lots of bikers on the road and many cars as well. Go to go and complete the maintenance on Daisy today while Chantal is attempting her M1 license today.