So for weeks I struggled with the thought of doing the belt change myself or bringing the Vespa to a dealer. After having Daisy enter into our lives, I thought it best to bite the bullet and learn how to change the belt myself. As I had said in my last entry, I had watched and recorded many videos on line. I then went through each one and edited them to make one perfect video for me with all the steps in order. I cannot share this video since I do not have the rights, so please do not ask. I will make my own soon.

The funny part is that since I had spent so much time editing and figuring out the important steps, checks and things to clean and air spray, by the time I rendered my video, the complete process was engrained into my little brain. At this point my confidence was lifted.

I really have to thank the following people for their videos:

Scooter West – http://youtu.be/jiEA9SXhtng

Mitch Bergsma – http://youtu.be/KCFsMMrxeSk

Novolari1 – http://youtu.be/azTTD6gmztk

I still had a back-up friend who watched and was there to help when and if I needed it. He was helpful setting up the new compressor I bought on sale for $ 9.00 at Canadian Tire and he showed me how to use the Torque Wrench. But primarily, I actually did all of the work myself. I took a few pictures but I do plan to make a complete video. In one of the pictures you can see the tool to hold the variator from Scooter West.

It took all of 2-hours to do but I had cleaned everything. It really is quite simple if you follow the steps in sequential order. I plan to do it all over again next week on Daisy. However, the belt was not too worn and I could have probably gone far further on it. Once completed, I held my breath, started up the GTV and took her for a ride. She was peppy like new!

An overwhelming feeling came over me like as if I received an award. The last time I had disassembled motors and such was 35 years ago. So either it comes back like riding a bike or my age, experience and wisdom (Wisdom? what am I talking about) was an asset. Either way, I felt good. Not only did I keep the $ 200.00 mechanic’;s fee in my pocket to spend on a bed and breakfast with my wife, but just doing it myself was yet another Vespa Adventure…