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If you search Modern Vespa for seat hinge problems, you will certainly come across many Vespa owners that had the chrome crash bars installed complain about the seat not closing properly. It seems that crash bar end that bolts onto the back of the seat support plastic interferes somehow with many Vespas. Some never complain and others do. Some say it goes away in time and others like me were not so fortunate.

The agreed solution is to raise the latch bar under the seat by placing a washer under the two screws. The following video explains the process.

Now that this is fixed, I plan to change the variators and belt. I have watch many videos and have recorded them all, cut the best of each and put them all together into one amazing instructional step-by-step video. I would share this but I do not have the rights and it is for my own personal use. However, I promise to make one after I have done this a few times, which I surely will now that I own two Vespa.

I guess I should add a few pages on top and start to record the maintenance of each Vespa separately. This is yet another to-do on my list of things to do.