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I rode the new Vespa Daisy home from Ottawa. She seemed to ride nice with a few exceptions such as some loose bolts and screws (to be expected). I have to admit that my masculinity came into question  while I was riding a white Vespa with a big Daisy on the Top Box and I was very happy that I had my dark tinted visor so nobody could see my face.

Here is a few pictures of us at a friends house today:

We were too busy riding in the sunny weather which is why you have not heard much from us in the last few days. I gave the Vespa a run down and made a list of things to do:

  • I added a side stand and made the post today, so you may have missed it. There is a Video… Side Stand Post
  • Oil and Filter Change;
  • Brake Fluid Change;
  • Radiator Fluid Change;
  • Spark Plug Change;
  • Air Filter Service;
  • Add Front Medium Windscreen (ordered from ScooterCrazy)

Also, when I was checking the brake fluid, I broke the darn plastic cover’s latch in the back side on Daisy. It seems to sit ok, but I now feel guilty and will add that to my order list.

Shocks seem fine but there is evidence that the bike was painted since there was overspray under where I installed the side stand and also  up inside. Not sure why but it is a really nice paint job. The previous owner scratched the side and we plan to add a Daisy to match the top box that will cover it and save it from rust (we hope).

Chantal has complete day one of a two day motorcycle course and has started to ride Daisy. She is cautious as she very well should be and is just getting her balance around turns. Speed is not something on the books at the moment. I think she is comfortable at around 60 Km/hour (37 Miles/Hour). I am certain that it will not take long for her to master more skills, but better safe than sorry.

Got to go and enjoy the balance of this sunny day.