daisyIts true! You have probably heard the rumours hidden between the lines in some of my past blog entries that my wife Chantal will be taking her motorcycle  course and was looking for a bike. She starts her courses next week and already has her M1 License. She will (hopefully) have her M2 by the end of April.

Two days ago I was searching the web and came across an advertisement for the most beautiful White Vespa with a huge Daisy on the top box. She is a 2010 GTS 300 Sport, white and has 4,500 Km (2,800 Miles). I sent an e—mail response on behalf of my wife but I really expected it to be gone already.

My wife received a call back that night from a wonderful lady in Ottawa who was hoping to find a woman who would like a Vespa and provide it a good, no make that GREAT home for her.

Last night we went to visit her with a money order deposit and closed the deal. I took a spin on her on behalf of my wife who absolutely fell in love with her. In fact, she was tired from no sleeping the night before out of excitement and anticipation. On the way back she named her Daisy.

So Lets all Welcome Daisy to the Sanderson Home…