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Today I want to show you about how I can pack the Vespa in a very sporting and sexy way without straps and tie downs stretching from front to back. But before I do, I just want to express my total disappointment with the weatherman or whomever is responsible for this year’s weather. It is now mid April when the crocuses and some of the tulips should be up and smiling, but no; we are in the midst of an ice/snow storm. Really weatherman? My Vespa is out and ready (luckily covered in a full Vespa Cover) but cannot go anywhere.


Now that I have released my frustrations with the weatherman, I should get back to my original thoughts which were, oh yes; Luggage.

I received and installed my Tucano Urbano luggage yesterday just to see how it fits. I actually have more room to carry stuff than I need. Up until three years ago, I travelled almost 200-250 days of each year across the United States on business. I had packing down to an art. It was simple. The small suit case for a one week trip and the small suitcase plus a carry on for two weeks. So having two side luggage’s combined with saddlebags actually will allow me to travel and go shopping at factory outlet stores such as in Lake George or when I travel to Florida. I may even have to put a few rocks in one of the saddle bags so that it has some weight to it and will not flap around in the wind. I do have one issue and if anyone reading this has a solution, please send it to me. When I installed the chrome kit, it attached to the bottom of the seat which seems to have an affect (slightly raises the seat clamp) on how the seat closes with the seat lock. It often jams and will not close. I have to use a screw driver to open the locking mechanism and then close the seat again.

I have found the best way now to close the seat is to gently put the seat down then give it a firm push with my hand to lock it into the switch as opposed to letting it fall down and lock like it used to before I added the chrome kit. This problem is enhanced by adding the belts under the seat to support the saddle bags. As you will see in the following video, I initially had some problems and was only able to put the front belts under the seat and the back belts went around the back of the seat under the chrome bards in front of the red back lights. I am not certain yet how it will ride (since it is snowing!!!!). I will follow-up on this in a few days when the sun decides to show his/her friendly face.

Here is the video for you to enjoy and as you will see, I have plenty of storage space. Even more when you consider under the seat storage that other motorcycles simple do not have. In fact they often other motorcyclist sit on their bikes watching as I continue to unload things from under my seat as if I was a magician pulling a rabbit out of my hat.