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It is early Thursday morning on April 4th and I am about ready and packed for my first adventure. I will be travelling from Cornwall to Cobourg to visit my Parents (a trip I did last summer and it is on this blog). However, this time, I am continuing to Toronto to spend some time with Corsa Meccanica, a Vespa Dealer. They have agreed to let me watch them change the belt and all the associated parts so that I may do it myself in the future. I had ordered a complete Deluxe Belt, Variator, Clutch Overhaul Kit Vespa GTS/GTV/Super 300 with the tools from Scooterwest.

I think that this will be the last thing that I have to learn that I never did before. But before I leave, I had made a video review of all the products I purchased during the winter and you may watch it below. I also made a video about the installation of the ThermoScud and the windshield but I have not had the time since yesterday to get it posted. It will be up on Sunday upon my return.

So, I have the ThermoScud installed, the windshield to protect me from the cold northern winds and I am dressed for the cold. It is 8:30 now and I am about to leave. I expect to arrive in Cobourg by 3:00-4:00 this afternoon. I will then leave Cobourg tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM to arrive at the dealer by 9:30 AM. The routes are in the GPS so I now bid you all farewell and I will begin my ride…


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