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Yesterday after all of the snow we had in the last week, I was working up stairs like usual. In fact have more work than I would like as of late. In fact I have too much work to focus on today that will make this entry as short as possible. I promise to continue it before the weekend.

The door rang at 12:30 for a delivery of some more Scooter stuff.  When I opened the door, the sun-warmed breeze blanketed my body. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and jeans and I decided to step outside to sign for my delivery. I stood there for a few minutes after the delivery man left and thought to myself; why not? Why not get the Vespa out?

Well there was two challenges. The first was finding someone who was not working, strong and willing to come over and help me get the scooter (her) out from the back yard over the side stairs and down to the driveway. The second was actually getting her from her storage place through my back yard which still had snow and the path was melted, muddy and full of water (melted snow).

I looked up and wouldn’t you know it? The stars just lined up perfectly. An acquaintance who lives three houses down and works shift work at a hospital happened to be home and partying all day with his buddies. I was a little reluctant when they arrived with beers in hand at 1:00 PM to help and his buddies seemed overly anxious to see a Vespa. But I could simply not forego this early opportunity to ride.

Out she came! We rolled her through the mud and water, lifted it up and down the stairs and before I knew it, it was parked on its center stand in my driveway soaking up the sun for the first time in 5-months. Her wheels, tires and the under body had some mud from rolling her through the back yard. This wouldn’t do so I quickly got resurrected the hose and washing materials from the shed and gave her a good wash down. This was also necessary to remove the WD-40 I used to protect the chrome.

The fun part began. I got into my NEW Dainese Boots, Kevlar Re-enforced riding jeans, Tucano Urbano Under garment, Dainese Leather Jacket, Vespa neck warmer, Arai Helmet and the Tucano Urbano Gloves. I was ready!

Off I went. I left at 2:20 PM and did not return until 5:00 PM when I had to be back to feed my dogs and get dinner ready for my wife. It was quite different riding down country roads that had 2-3 foot snow banks on the sides. But the roads were dry and clean, the sun was warm and to the best of my knowledge, spring had sprung. Before going in however, I took out the new windshield that I had ordered from www.ScooterCrazy.com just to see if it was a 2-minute job to install. Well, I really could not make that determination since after playing around with the supplied fittings and looking at the instructions, I decided it best to install it when I am not in a rush (next sunny day). Have a look at these detailed installation instructions. I think a new installation video will be forthcoming. If anyone out there has any useful, tips please send them to me in the comments.


The Detail in These Instructions is Mind-Blowing!

Windshield Piaggio001

A final follow-up on the Windshield that I purchased from

Ordered the windshield on March 13 and it was Shipped on March 14 I received it on March 25.

It was shipped via TNT Post in England and delivered by Canada Post. The cost of the taxes and the postal processing fee was only $ 34.01 (24.96 taxes and balance Canada Post Processing).


So Bottom Line Comparison

I paid $ 233.00 CAD + $ 34.01 CAD = $267.01 CAD
Vespa in Canada Quoted $ 479.00 CAD + $ 62.27 HST = $ 541.27 CAD
Furthermore, the Canadian Dealers do not carry this in stock and quoted 2-4 week delivery?

I say this is a much better deal, don’t you?