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Punta Cana

Believe it or not, I did not mention the really cool wooden model that I purchased for $ 22.00 in Punta Cana of a scooter. It is quite detailed. In fact, I regret not trying to meet the artist to arrange to order more and sell them on e-bay.

Here is a few pictures of the model:

The Boots

I have great news and Terrible news to report about the almost final shopping for my summer attire. As mentioned earlier, I was planning to get these El Bajo motorsportsbrown and tan riding boots made by Icon. The problem was finding a place where I could try them on, even if they did not have my color so I would know my size and could order them. I found a motorcycle store in Ottawa Motor Sports World that sold them online. But like many online stores, they sell almost everything but have a fraction of that stuff in stock. So I took the time to call them and I spoke to a girl in the boutique department. I specifically asked her if she had the El Bajo Icon Boots in brown and tan in stock. She went to check and came back on the phone with good news. These boots were a stock item and they had them. I asked about sizes and she said they had many sizes. I asked when they closed and she said they were open until 8:00 on Thursday.

So let me explain the terrible part of my story and shame on Motor Sports World. Nepean is about 1 1/2 hours from Cornwall. We had a snow storm Thursday so I decided to go up Friday (assuming they would be open late Friday?). My wife works in Ottawa (Actually Gatineau) so I decided to meet her after work at a Shopping center and park her car so she would come shopping with me and out to dinner. I met her at 4:40 in the afternoon and had to drive across town to Motor Sports World. It was bumper to bumper traffic. It took over 1 hour to get there only to find out that:

  1. They actually close at 6:00 PM on a Friday Night, but worse,
  2. They only had one pair of El Bajo Boots in stock that were black and not my size!

What a freaking waste of time and fuel! I will scratch this dealer off my list of suppliers for the future.

The good news is that on Saturday, I went to Montreal (another 1 1/2 Hour Drive) to a great dealer named Moto International. This is a slick dealership with excellent service and inventory. They sold Dainese Boots and shoes. I first fell in love with a pair of ankle boots/shoes that were very comfortable. But after some discussion and trying on a pair of Dainese Torque Pro Boots that actually fit under my jeans, I decided that this was the way to go. Additionally, they were 30 % discounted (They cost $ 307.00 rather than $ 389.00) So I bought these and my wife found a pair of Dainese Lola Boots and since we were purchasing two pairs, they gave us a small discount on my wife’s boots.

A Special Thank You to Veronica for her patience and excellent service!

We were very happy with our purchases except for the SNOW that keeps falling a little every day….

My Boots

Torque Pro


My Wife’s Boots



Snow Vespa Gage

My last story for today is that the Snow Vespa that I made seems to now be a spring riding gage.

It was made from solid wet snow and has basically held its shape other than the front drooping down.

Since spring is really on its way and the days are getting warmer, I believe that when this Snow Vespa has completely melted it will be a sign that my Real Vespa can come out to play!