Did you ever have one of those days when things appeared to be something completely different than they actually are? Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I have returned from Punta Cana where it was warm. It is the end of February, meaning March (spring) is around the corner. I just ordered my new jacket and gloves from the UK and I have to admit that scootering is on my mind. The weather forecast was for two days of complete snow, sleet and cold weather starting this morning. We are scheduled to get that huge storm that is burying the Midwest.

But yesterday while I was running my errands, the weather was nice. In fact, too nice! It was a warm 10 degrees C (42 degrees F) in February. The snow and ice had completely melted from the streets. Of course there were snow banks on the side as a reminder that we are still in winter. The sun was shining and provided a warm blanket over my head proving that I did not need to wear a hat.

I found myself coming out of Pet Depot with my jacket un-done, no gloves or hat. It was simply a beautiful day. I got into my car and opened the sunroof and windows. That’s when it happened…

I had an overwhelming feeling that it was spring. There was not a spot of ice on the roads. The fresh thoughts of my new riding cloths, the scooters in Punta Cana, the sun, the warmth, the lack of snow meant one thing; TAKE OUT THE SCOOTER!

It was a short-lived feeling since the left side of my brain quickly reminded me of the snow storm that is looming and should be here in a day.

I looked around and thought, this is really the calm before the storm. As I am writing this (6:50 AM the next day), the freezing rain has started and the cars, deck and driveway are all covered in a sheet of thick ice. The snow is scheduled to start by 8:00 AM. Reality has set in and I will just have to do the time and wait another 25-40 days.


In Cornwall, this is our forecast for the next three days…