Yes, only I can say that about myself. I purposely did a synonym search to avoid the word “stupid”.

I created a blog about my Vespa and other two-wheeled motorized vehicles because of my new-found passion for riding. I try to keep informed about most everything about my Vespa and motorcycles since you never know what may be useful or come in handy.

One might read my blog and review my past articles and might say that I am on my way to becoming a Vespa Expert. So you would think that when the largest motorcycle event comes to Montreal (50 Minutes Away) and that Piaggio will be there with all the Vespa and Piaggio Scooters, that I (the Vespa Fanatic) would have already purchased my tickets and have friends to go with?

Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. I HAD NO IDEA!

Yesterday I stopped at the local Honda dealer to see if they carried the ZUES 3000 A Helmet as I wanted to try one on and inspect the quality. They said they could order one but if they did, I would have to buy it since it is not a stock item. He then said, why not try them at the Montreal Motorcycle Show this weekend?


I responded somehow like… Duhh? What show did you say? So he handed me a brochure and explained to me that every biker and his wife will be there.


So I immediately returned home and looked up the event on-line at:


To my surprise, Piaggio has an Exhibit. How great is that? We are just starting to plan for a second bike for my wife (or me). So tomorrow we will head down early to Montreal and plan to spend a better part of the day at the bike show. I called a few friends assuming that they too had no idea and invited them to come along when they politely explained to me that they had made plans months ago with other friends. They also were hoping that the grab bags were better this year than the last two years.

So it is true! I may have the latest and greatest of toys, technology throughout my house, my car and bike have all the best, but when the biggest Bike show comes to my back yard, somehow; I have no idea about it. In business they would say that I was “unapprised of the situation”…