I was surfing the net early on this morning like I always do, reviewing e-mails, checking Facebook, and so on. A friend of mine had a birthday so I sent him a Happy Birthday Note on his Facebook page and wanted to attach a link to my favourite Star Trek Birthday Song from YouTube. So I searched on YouTube, found it and just had to listen to it one more time. For those interested, here is the link (but this is not what I am writing about):


While I was watching the video, YouTube prepared a list of other videos that may interest me from their sophisticated spyware that monitors my every move. It’s actually quite accurate!

After listening to the Birthday song, I then clicked on Shoe’s Modular helmet. They look so comfortable and practical. But they never pass SNELL and usually are only DOT. Since I value my nose and face more than comfort, I have steered clear of them. Additionally, the cost of some good quality modular helmets can run over $ 600.00. So I started to think about why the modular could not be SNELL Certified. So I did a search for SNELL Certified Modular Helmet and to my astonishment I got a hit. In fact, I got a few hits all leading to one type of helmet. In fact it was a helmet that I have never seen or heard of. ZEUS Motorcycle Helmets who were established in 1988 in Taiwan. All Zeus helmets are SNELL, DOT, ACU Gold and ECE 22.05 including their modular Helmets! To learn more about these certifications, see my earlier entry on helmets at: Talking Helmets Again.


Years ago if I heard “made in Taiwan” I would run for the hills unless it was a plastic toy in the local dollar store.

But years ago when I renewed my interest in music, I changed my opinion after I brought back to life my 5000 Record Collection by purchasing a Tube Amplifier and a new set of speakers to go with my Audiophile Turn Table and two Open Reel Tape decks. But after attending an Audiophile show, I learned about one of the worlds most respected speaker designers and zs-3000amanufacturers who were located in Taiwan. These speakers (Usher Audio) start at $ 2,000.00 and go up to more than $ 25,000.00 a pair (yes you read that right). So now when I hear made in Taiwan, I don’t run for the hills but instead I read on.

ZEUS has a ZS-3000A modular Helmet with integrated sun visor that sells in Canada for… are you you ready for this?

$ 269.00! 

The catalogue may be downloaded at ZEUS Catalogue.

Furthermore, this helmet is  SNELL, DOT, ACU Gold and ECE 22.05 Approved.

While looking through their helmet line-up, they actually have one named the zeus-zs-210cBumble Bee. I bet it would be affordable to custom order a batch of the ZS-3000A Flip-Up Modular Helmets painted with the bee for us Vespa Riders.If you are interested, send me your info and if I can get more than 10, I will contact the manufacturer.

So am I planning to run out and buy one today? No, but I do plan to find a dealer and try one on, inspect the quality myself and If I like it, yes, I will consider buying one or even try to get a custom one made.

Bike World did a review of these helmets and this was their conclusion:

“We’re really excited about the new Zeus helmet lineup for 2009, and we think all of these helmets will shake up the industry.  Now that Zeus has proven that Snell standards can be met with a flip-up, will the others be far behind?  It’s difficult to tell, but one sure bet is that they won’t be able to offer this much quality, these features and colors at Zeus prices!”

Click Here for Full Review.

During my searches, I found a few funny reviews. This one guy lovers his ZEUSS: