After spending a week in Punta Cana and taking a couple of tours off the resort, I do feel much more confident that the next time I go, I would consider renting a scooter. However, I would want to find a rental place with a scooter that has an engine 250 – 350 cc. I think that in Punta Cana, the problem is the low power scooters on the narrow roads with trucks and buses flying by. For me personally, I would want to be able to go faster than the busses and trucks and keep the pace with the cars.

I put my pictures and a few videos together into one YouTube Video that shows the types of scooters and bikes and how they ride them. You will notice few wear helmets and some even carry their helmets rather than wearing them (not clear why)?

One lady rides side-saddle and many will ride three or four on a scooter. They ride scooters or small 100 cc bikes. Some pack them up in the back. This makes me laugh since I am meticulously weighing everything I put in my top box so as not to go over Vespa’s recommended weight maximum (how silly that seems now). They use them everywhere and for everything. On the resort, off the resort and in and around town.  As they say, a picture says a thousand words, so below must be many thousands of words…