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I met a fellow scooterist (Keith) from Georgia on eBay who had requested that I make a custom size Top Box Cover so to fit his added rack and gasoline tank. At first I was more interested in the size difference until I suddenly realized the genius of this approach that may very well save me somewhere this summer.

Last summer I had mentioned in one of my adventures that I had learned while riding through the mountains to never turn down a gasoline station since the next one may be far further than expected.

Having an extra liter or two of fuel in case of emergencies while riding in these areas is a Great Idea. Furthermore, the rack and container used is a very clean installation. “Peter Likes!”

In fact, just before staring this blog entry I ordered a set-up for my own Vespa that will certainly be useful on my first long trip to Jacksonville. Apparently these are perfectly legal in the US. I will verify if they are legal in Canada.

I will show you Keith’s pictures since he gave me permission and then where to buy the goodies. The rack is actually from a Lambretta.

Links to EBay:

I ordered mine, you all may want to order yours.

Keith, This is a Wonderful Idea!