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Today I decided that before I take an extra long trip to Alaska (as previously discussed) that perhaps I should first try just a plain long trip. I looked at a  map and identified where my friends and colleagues are within a reasonable first long trip radius. I ended up throwing the dart to Jacksonville, Florida. Why Jacksonville you ask?

I have a very good colleague and friend in Jacksonville who shares some of my passions such as “Star Trek” and Sci-Fi. I would like to ride there and take him and his family out to dinner. Additionally, Jacksonville is just a few hours from Mickey Mouse in Orlando and I thought that my wife could fly down and spend some time with me at Disney and perhaps even ride with me home.

So today I will begin planning the trip day-by-day. From last year’s riding experiences I seem to prefer to ride about 6-Hours maximum before I need a real good break. Therefore, I will plan to ride approximately 6-hours each day. I am an early bird so I can see myself getting up with the sun and riding those 6-hours then finding a place to stay. This approach will surely allow me some time in each pit-stop to see some sites or just relax next to a pool.

By the way, if anyone wants to meet alone the way or even ride all or part of the way with me, do not be shy and leave a comment so we can hook up!

So My plan Starts Here and the dates most likely will be early summer or late spring.

Day 1

Day 1: 4 Hours, 55 Minutes – 238 Miles

Cornwall, Ontario to Lansing, NY

  • 1. Head west on Meadowvale Crescent toward Edgevale Ct
  • 2. Take the 1st left onto Cobble Hill Rd
  • 3. Turn left onto Brookdale Ave
  • 4. At the roundabout, continue straight onto Brookdale Ave/​ON-138 S
  • 5. Slight left onto ON-138 S Toll road
  • 6. Continue onto Seaway International Bridge Toll road Entering United States (New York)
  • 7. Continue onto International Bridge Rd Toll road
  • 8. Continue onto International Bridge Approach Partial toll road
  • 9. Turn right onto NY-37 W
  • 10. Slight left to stay on NY-37 W
  • 11. Continue onto US-11 S
  • 12. Turn right onto New York 3 W/​Arsenal St Continue to follow New York 3  W
  • 13. Continue onto NY-104B W
  • 14. Turn right onto NY-104 W
  • 15. Slight left onto NY-104 W/​W Seneca St Continue to follow NY-104 W
  • 16. Turn left onto NY-34 S
  • 17. Turn left onto New York 34B S
  • 18. Turn right onto Co Rd 122/​N Triphammer Rd Continue to follow N Triphammer Rd
  • 19. Turn left onto Graham Rd
  • 20. Continue onto Dart Dr – Lansing, NY

jack day1

Day 2

Day 2: 5 Hours, 40 Min – 251 Miles

Lansing, NY to Hagerstown, MD

  • 1. Head south on N Albany St toward Esty St
  • 2. Turn right onto W Seneca St
  • 3. Slight right onto W Martin Luther King Jr. St/​W State St
  • 4. Take the 1st left onto New York 13A S/​Floral Ave Continue to follow New York 13A S
  • 5. Turn right onto NY-13 S/​NY-13 Scenic S/​NY-34 S/​NY-34 Scenic S/​NY-96 S/​NY-96 Scenic S/​Elmira Rd Continue to follow NY-13 S/​NY-13 Scenic S/​NY-34 S/​NY-96 S/​Elmira Rd
  • 6. Slight left onto NY-34 S/​NY-96 S/​W Danby Rd Continue to follow NY-34 S/​NY-96 S
  • 7. Turn right onto NY-34 S/​W Tioga St Continue to follow NY-34 S
  • 8. Turn left onto NY-34 S/​Gee St Continue to follow NY-34 S
  • 9. Turn left onto Chemung St/​Spring St
  • 10. Turn left onto Chemung St
  • 11. Take the 1st right onto Cayuta Ave
  • 12. Continue onto Spring St Entering Pennsylvania
  • 13. Slight right onto Mohawk St
  • 14. Turn left onto PA-199 S/​N Keystone Ave Continue to follow PA-199 S
  • 15. Turn right onto PA-199 S/​Tioga St Continue to follow PA-199 S
  • 16. Turn left onto US-220 S/​Main St Continue to follow US-220 S
  • 17. Slight left onto US-220 S/​James Monroe Avenue Continue to follow US-220 S
  • 18. Turn left onto PA-42 S
  • 19. Slight right to stay on PA-42 S
  • 20. Turn left to stay on PA-42 S
  • 21. Turn right onto PA-254 W/​W Main St Continue to follow PA-254 W
  • 22. Turn left onto PA-44 S/​PA-642 W/​Danville Rd
  • 23. Slight right onto PA-642 W/​Danville Rd Continue to follow PA-642 W
  • 24. Turn left onto PA-54 E/​Continental Blvd
  • 25. Turn right onto US-11 S/​Northumberland St Continue to follow US-11 S
  • 26. Turn left onto King St
  • 27. Take the 2nd right onto US-11 S/​Water St Continue to follow US-11 S
  • 28. Turn left onto US-11 S/​US-15 S/​Susquehanna Trail
  • 29. Merge onto US-11 S/​US-15 S/​Susquehanna Trail via the ramp to Harrisburg
  • 30. Turn right onto PA-34 S/​Hunters Valley Rd Continue to follow PA-34 S
  • 31. Turn left onto PA-34 S/​PA-849 E/​S 4th St
  • 32. Turn right onto PA-34 S/​PA-849 E/​Keystone Way Continue to follow PA-34 S
  • 33. Continue onto PA-274 W/​W Main St Continue to follow PA-274 W
  • 34. Turn left onto PA-233 S/​Green Park Rd Continue to follow PA-233 S
  • 35. Turn right onto PA-233 S/​Doubling Gap Rd Continue to follow PA-233 S
  • 36. Turn right onto US-11 S/​Ritner Hwy Continue to follow US-11 S
  • 37. Turn right onto Edgar Ave
  • 38. Take the 2nd right onto College Ave
  • 39. Slight left onto Philadelphia Ave
  • 40. At the traffic circle, continue straight onto US-11 S/​S Main St Continue to follow US-11 S Entering Maryland
  • 41. Slight right onto N Burhans Blvd
  • 42. Turn left onto National Pike/​W Washington St

jack day2