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I was invited to speak in Boston last week as a Keynote Speaker for a client’s weekend manager event so I decided to drive down. Flying amounts to about the same time since I am 1 1/2 hours from the airport and then to get from my door to the hotel is probably 5-6 hours with all the waiting times in between.

So I decided to download some music from the X-Box Music Pass onto my windows 8.0 Phone and get ready to enjoy the ride through the beautiful mountains of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. The only thing that would make me regret this decision would be a major snow storm.

I was to leave on Thursday January 17th. 2013 and I was scheduled to speak all morning on the 18th. As luck would have it, we had rain on the 16th that turned to snow then the temperature dropped to – 17 degrees Celsius (about 0 degrees Fahrenheit). The roads in the morning were full of ice patches that the salt could not eliminate because of the cold. So I found my self having to drive to the 89 for about two hours on country roads through the mountains.

There was one sharp turn after another. There were amazing “S” Type curves, hills up and down while all the time snow from the fields was blowing across the roads to reduce visibility to almost zero at times. I knew that once I hit the interstate, the driving would be fine and the closer I got to Boston would be the closer I got to sunshine! Below is a map of the route from the border to the interstate on country roads. Notice how they are anything but straight…

road to boston

The funny part about this particular drive is that while I was white knuckled and hanging tightly to my steering wheel while anxious to get to the interstate, I could not resist the thought of how wonderful this road would be in the summer time and how I would come back to enjoy it with my Vespa-GTV.

Perhaps this summer when I do come back (and I WILL!), I may be thinking about the winter and how the landscape actually looks without the blowing snow. It would be the same road on a very different day!

Well, I arrived at the Boston Plaza Hotel fine and the drive home the next day was non-eventful (6-8 weeks left until spring riding).