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Summer is over and winter is upon us. Although I cannot provide any ride reports, videos or pictures, I do intend to start planning my trips for next spring, summer and fall. One will include a trip to Alaska. If I actually make this trip is yet to be determined, but I really will enjoy the planning stages and I will share these in my upcoming posts.

But today I found an amazing video comparing the various types of scooters including the Yamaha T-Max. What is truly amazing is that the 300 Vespa is really not that much slower than the T-Max but far better in breaking and handling. I would imaging that the T-Max is similar to the Suzuki Bergman. Additionally, with the front rack, under seat storage and the available Top Box, the Vespa is far superior for storage.

In the test the T-Max had a drag race time of 7:21 and the Vespa was at 7:36.

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What do I say, I made an amazing choice with the Vespa GTV-300 and I do not regret it!