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I received the following information from David Reese as a comment to one of my earlier posts about adjusting shocks. I appreciated the details of the response and felt that it deserved to be a headline on my blog rather than buried as a comment on a two month old post.

The discussion started about shocks and how they needed adjustment for the quantity riders and luggage. David pointed out that he was not very satisfied with the stock shocks and that his purchase of Bitubo shocks gave a superior ride.

Below are David’s comments about Bitubo:

Submitted on 2012/10/14 at 12:20 pm | In reply to Peter Sanderson, Vespa Owner.


The shocks ran about $750 or so, and labor another $200 or so, so they cost close to $1000.


You asked how the shocks are adjusted.

There is a wheel upon which the spring rests, and this can be turned to either compress or decompress the spring. I had the shop that installed them adjust them for the softest, lightest ride, so I haven’t done any adjustments myself. I don’t know if you might need a special instrument for that, or how difficult it might be. I know the stock shocks were very difficult to adjust, for me at least. These surely can’t be that difficult.

The ride is significantly better with the Bitubo shocks. I was very unhappy with the performance of the stock shocks, and I do a lot of riding on the scooter. I consider the $1000 a worthwhile investment. It’s a much improved ride, but surely not the ride you’d get from a large motorcycle like a Gold Wing. I don’t see any difference in the handling, but the handling has never been an issue with me.

I hope this answers your questions, at least as best I can.


David Reese

Bitubo, Rear Shocks (Pair); Vespa GT200, GTS250

Bitubo shocks are the best suspension available for Vespa’s anywhere! Extremely high quality manufacturing with adjustable spring preload on all models and damping on some. For the best ride possible, treat yourself to a set of the best!

Manufacturer’s Site     |     Bitubo Installation Manual

On a final note, many other people on Vespa Forms use these shocks with the Jettin’ urethane bushings and claim the ride is straight, connected to the road and the bumps and bottoming out are almost nothing.