I got the call yesterday that my Chrome front and sides are in. Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and drove up to Ottawa to pick them up. Today I installed them. I also removed the front and back side reflectors and put in paint matched plugs that I purchased from Scooter West.

You will notice the clean look. Finally, I also purchased a chrome license plate holder with stainless steel Piaggio Bolts. That really is the perfect finishing touch.

I had planned to make a video of the installation but unlike most things I have done with this Vespa, the mounting of the Chrome bars was very simple and quick. Basically, the front part just screws on and for the sides and back, it is a matter of mounting a metal holder under the Vespa with three bolts and then removing two bolts next to the fuel fill-up. I started to play around before I started the Video just to see but it was so easy that I just tightened the bolts and slide on the Chrome out of excitement and anticipation. I considered uninstalling it and reinstalling it for the Video, but instead I went for a ride.

The temperature had dipped to 10 degrees Celsius. Now, I had forgotten exactly how cold that is when you are travelling on a bike at 100 Km/Hr. Note to self, I need a good scarf or neck warmer and I MUST close the air vents on my jacket at this temperature.

The last two items on my to-do list is to add a chrome wrap around the block holding my front bullet lights (need a hot day over 70 degrees) and to install the red bullet lights in the back. Hopefully it will get done this year.

DSC_1482      DSC_1485  DSC_1483    DSC_1484