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Today was the day. Everything just came together including a nice cool sunny day. Since I am neither a mechanic or an electrician, I had planned this installation very carefully. I went to bed at night thinking of how I wouldbullet accomplish it and then modifying the plan the next evening while counting sheep.

I purchased exterior two-sided 3-M tape and Extra Strong Duct Tape. The only part that I did not complete but will complete shortly is a small black cocking to go around the black blocks that support the lights so as to water seal and cover the sticky tape (as you can see in the picture.

The use of Posi-Taps and Posi-Locks made this installation extremely easy and allowed for unscrewing the wires in the future when I need to remove the front inside cover. I will have to remember to tell the mechanic if I put it in for such service. But after today’s installation., I am gaining more confidence in my own workmanship and capabilities. I hopefully will do much more. having the new tool set came in very handy. In fact, I even had a magnetic tool like an antenna to grab screws that fall down into small spaces. Wouldn’t you know it? I got to use that tool after a screw fell into the front part while re-assembling the front cover.

Logo_CAI would like to take this time to thank Dan Bailey at Motorcycle Innovations for his help, support and excellent innovative products such as the Posi-Taps.

As you can see by this video, there was much more work to disassemble everything and re-assemble it than the actual connection of the lights. My plan with the aluminum blocks worked out perfectly.

Finally, the lights actually twinkle like a star. Although it is a bit difficult to see in the video, I think if you skip to the last-minute, you can see clearly why I installed them.

Well, I now have to install the brake lights which may be a bit more difficult to find the appropriate wires. So I hope you enjoy this video. Please leave a comment, I would love to hear other opinions about these lights.