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Last year I purchased what I thought would be the dream vehicle, a 2012 Honda Civic EX-L with all the extras right down to the interior blue lights and shopping bag holders in the trunk. Shortly after, I purchased better tires because I did not like the continentals that came with the car and also a full set of Honda original wheels, hub caps and Michelin Winter Tires.

She is a beauty, that is for certain. About a week after purchasing the car I made the following Video.

But since I purchased the Vespa in June 2012, I do have to admit that I only take her out to clean the rust off the brakes or on really rainy days. We have not had many rainy days this summer.

My friends say I am ignoring the Honda. They claim that leave it sitting in the driveway all day and that I never pay attention to it like before the Vespa. I wanted to add some clarity to this issue. I do not really ignore the Civic, in fact, just the other day I took some time to work on the civic as you can see in the picture. So really, she is not ignored…


Well, note to Civic…. Winters Coming!