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I ride often with my wife on the back and often without. So according to Piaggio’s recommended settings, I have religiously maintained their settings as I had outlined in a previous article (many adjustments daily). After asking this question on the Modern Vespa Forum and mostly by the expert advice of Max at Scooter West in San Diego, it turns out that I am taking these settings a bit too seriously.

The tire setting is important to maintain a level of handling balanced with proper tire wear. The shock setting is important to maintain a level of comfort without bottoming out or an excessively stiff ride.

The Bottom Line

So this is what is suggested and I what I will do:

Normal riding during the day AND with my wife on the back around town:

Front Tire: 26 PSI

Back Tire: 33 PSI (middle Ground)

Shock Setting: Either 2 or 3 (To Be Determined by Comfort in the next week)

Long Trips With Luggage:

Front Tire: 26 PSI

Back Tire: 38 PSI

Shock Setting: 4

Below Are The manufacturer’s Recommendations:

The Front Tire Pressure is 26.1 in all scenarios. However, the back tire is as follows:

1 Rider = 29 PSI

Rider and passenger = 37.7 PSI

They do not talk about Rider, Passenger and Luggage. However, there are two shocks in the back and both need adjusting as follows:

1 Rider = Setting 1 or 2 depending on Rider’s Weight and Comfort Desired

Rider and Passenger = Setting 3

Rider, Passenger and Luggage = Setting 4