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DSC_1380This will be my FIRST actual mechanical work that I perform on my GTV-300 without supervision. I have this odd feeling that I will be paying for it dearly but I felt it time to start learning about this stuff myself.

Last week in preparation, I purchased at Sears in the US a 200-piece Mechanics Tool Set by Craftsman, a complete set of screw drives including Torque Drivers and some other fancy and odd-looking tools that I thought may be needed when working on my Vespa.

I got these because the package from Scooter West with all of the LED lights sears_87883including their own LED conversion whereby it converts the turn signals to LED Bright running lights and keeps the orange turn signals came to my US PO Box that day. I was shopping for these types of tools. I had researched what kind and brand is best. Most recommended Craftsman Tools if you were not going to spend the money on Snap-On. I was very lucky since the sale price for my 200 Piece kit was $ 99.00. This was an unbelievable price and that is why I bought it.

Upon my return from Sandbanks on Monday afternoon, I layed out out all of my newly purchased tools, got out my tablet and connected to Scooter West’s Tech Videoson how to perform the installation. These videos are educational and easy to follow. Almost like having a tech-person by my side. These are the following two videos that I used for the Installation. They were perfect.

Thanks to Scooter West!

The only difference for my GTV was that I have to remove the front luggage rack before removing the front horn cover. I figured out this part on my own and actually had the opportunity to use some of my newly acquired tools including the ratchet and sockets and hex keys.

The complete installation took about 20 Minutes and there were no problems. Chantal even helped. Afterwards I had a great feeling of accomplishment. I am far more confident and ready to install the bullet lights as soon as the mounts are painted.

This is an example of the LED lights. The brake lights seem as bright as or brighter than the original and the front lights look very bright. I will take a video later when it is dark and post it to see in the dark.

At night they are even cooler. I can see more of the immediate area in front of the

I believe people will see more of me, especially since the front light was low on the fender and not higher like the other Vespa models.

In the final movie below, you can see the Vespa as it turns the corner at the opposite end of our street.