Three days off and it is my Birthday. Best of all, the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm for all three days. In fact, it is predicted to be in the mid-eighties, which is unprecedented for this time of the year.

We packed the Vespa without the top box one last time as you can see in this 30 second video:


We had few stops on the way. We stopped for lunch downtown Kingston as we went through the town. Our route was to bypass route # 2 after Kingston, head along to bath, and catch the Ferry to Picton.

We checked into our room at the Wharing House and made reservations for a late night dinner at 8:00 PM. We stashed our luggage in the room and got our towels and bathing suits. We were another 14-minute ride to the beach. So off we went.


After we had soaked up the sun, we headed back to town for an ice cream then back to the Wharing House for a short nap before dinner.

We had a nice meal in the Pub because our table was not ready by 8:00 PM and we were starving. The meal was a bit pricy for the size. The half lobster tail was the size of medium shrimp and that was the surf part of a twenty-eight dollar surf and turf. The turf was a six ounce steak that was tender and delicious and it came with half of a corn cob and a very small bowl of salad (three bites).

The next morning we decided against Cobourg and to head back to Gananoque to find a place with a pool. The weather was in the eighties at 9:30 in the morning.


We found a hotel spa and checked in by 12:30. We booked a one hour massage for Chantal. They had an opening at 1:15, we were lucky!

The rest of the day was spent swimming and laying around their pool and enjoying the sun. We decided that later that evening we would have a quick dinner at a local pub and see a play at the Thousand Island Play House. The play was “The Clock Maker” and it was very different, amusing and thought provoking.

We headed home Monday morning and all I could think about was installing the new LED Lights and the Front LED Turn Signal?Day Light Running lights when I got home.