Cobourg is and will be one of the longest rides for this summer. I will ride along highway 2 and pass through Kingston continuing on the highway 2 until I reach my parents’ house in Cobourg, Ontario.

I woke up especially early that morning. The weather forecast was sunny and warm for the next three days. I packed light and included my Vespa Cover to tuck the Vespa in during the night. I find the cover keeps away those unwanted eyes and touching by people passing by. After all, people have to touch the seats to feel the soft stitched leather or rub their fingers along those sexy Vespa curves. Some even try pushing the start button somehow expecting the engine will jump to life. The cover in my opinion is necessary item on these overnight trips.

The weather this summer was unusually hot. I decided to wear my Joe Rocket mesh jacket. I did not take the liner or any other clothing that one would consider having a warming effect on the body. This was a big mistake. I knew it when I turned the corner off my street but failed to recognize exactly how important it was to return and add some layers of clothing. After thirty minutes into the ride, I began to understand the differences between the temperatures versus speed on a bike. It was not cold outside, yet I was freezing and my hands were stiff on the throttle. It was just cool enough to create a winter type wind through my mesh when traveling 90 Kilometers/Hour.

I kept thinking that it would warm up fast as the sun began to shine down hard in the early morning, but again I was dead wrong. I managed to get half way when I hit Kingston (a large city for those who do not know) at 9:00 AM when the stores open. I stopped at Canadian Tire and purchased a windbreaker that worked semi-well in blocking the cold wind. I knew that I would have to address this issue better on future rides.

The GTV-300 was running smooth and well. I just could not believe how comfortable a ride she was even when travelling at highway speeds. She floated over bumps and minor potholes without even a twitch to my back. She maneuvered the corners and the wild “S” curves between Gananoque and Kingston completely on her own. I just had to look where I wanted to be.

By now over 4 ½ hours had passed. It actually was longer than planned. Nevertheless, that was because I had too much coffee before I left and I again learned something new about riding a bike. If you drink lots of coffee, the vibration of the road ensures that it continually needs to exit. I made more pit stops than I had planned. Note to self; “One cup of Strong Coffee in the morning before a long ride.”

I was about one hour from Cobourg when my body started to get tired. It was my first long ride, after all. Additionally, I had the wind against me for the last 2-hours. I could have stopped and relaxed for an hour or so, but decided to continue and show off my new GTV-300 to my parents. My dad is ninety years old and he was looking forward to seeing the Vespa. He saw a picture but could not imagine me travelling on it or how big was the bike.

I spent the day, went out for dinner with my Parents and stayed overnight at a lovely Bed and Breakfast. It was a lovely visit, not too long yet long enough (if you know what I mean).

I headed out at 8:00 AM the next morning for my ride home. I took advantage of the day, stopped in many places of interest, and took some photos of my Vespa. I especially like the picture in front of an old tank. Ironically, I think that my GTV-300 is a re-make of the old Vespa from the 1940s and the tank is from that period. Additionally, it supports the saying “Built Like a Tank!”

Built Like a Tank

Remake of a 1946 Vespa next to a 1940s Tank

When I arrived home, I stopped for gas. I got back on my back and suddenly noticed that the speedometer was not working. That meant the odometer is not working either. Oh well, I would deal with that tomorrow.

Enjoy my Cobourg video…