I had TomTom GPS that we had purchased for my wife’s Honda Civic. It was hardly ever used since when we travel, we use my Civic, which is a 2012 with leather and navigation. Therefore, I purchased a RAM Mount from GPS City on-line. GPS City is an amazing source for mounts and GPS systems and they ship immediately and fast. Their prices are excellent. I highly recommend them!

The problem however was not the mount. The problem was the TomTom. The TomTom had computer interface software to plan routes. The routes however could not be modified and string them from the computer to the device was a challenge. For example, if I wanted to go to Laval using country roads and to take the Hudson Ferry, it just would not do that. Furthermore, the TomTom was not waterproof. It would require the purchase of a bigger plastic case to protect it from the rain.

After some research and discussions with the experts at GPS City, I decided to sell my TomTom and purchase a Garmin NUVI 550 for motorcycles. This works well with the Garmin software BaseCamp and I am able to plan my specific routes and store them on my device in a section called custom routes. The Garmin is also waterproof and funny enough includes a SCOOTER guy that moves along the route as you go (I just Love It!).


I am very happy with this decision and I use it all the time. it also looks cool on my Vespa.

Garmin Installed