Who would have ever believed that finding a helmet that fits could turn into an almost unsolvable challenge? We wanted a helmet that is safe and certified to DOT and Snell if possible. Preferably, we would like a Shoei like the one I purchased.

That is exactly what happened when we went shopping for a helmet to fit Chantal. Currently, I was riding but I was hoping to get my wife to ride with me on the back. We started by trying helmets at the local Honda dealership. They were all too big.

We went up to Ottawa to Gear Head and tried on helmets for over one hour. They were too small and tight or too big and loose. Not one helmet would fit her.

We then went to The Good Time Center in Ottawa and spent another hour trying on helmets. The customer service technician agreed with me that he too never experienced such difficulty fitting a helmet. He suggested that Arai had one that was extra small with her head shape but that it was not in stock. Therefore, they ordered one for her to try. It took a week to arrive. So now, I had the Vespa for two weeks and Chantal had not got on because of the lack of a proper helmet.

We went to Ottawa again to try on an extra small Arai Helmet that cost $ 800.00!

Thanks god for my pocket book that it turned out to be too big. However, the need for a helmet created a feeling of desperation. Chantal and the customer service people at The Good Time Center started putting almost any brand and style of helmet on her head.

The problem with helmet shopping is that after you try on one or two that are too small, you start to get a headache and then nothing seems to fit right. The other problem is the constant thought of lice and other such creatures that may be hiding in one of these helmets that other people had tried.

After another 45 minutes, it turned out that a Scorpion Helmet with the built in sun visor fit best. Not all other Scorpion helmets fit. Although the Scorpion is not a Shoei or Arai, it is middle ground. Nevertheless, middle ground that fits is safer than top of the line that does not fit. We purchased the helmet a drove back to Cornwall. We probable spent $ 60.00 on gas shopping for this $ 250.00 helmet.


Now we were ready to ride together. We could begin our Vespa Adventures. Best of all, the black helmet matched her black Heart Breaker Joe Rocket Jacket.

She looked HOT! Smile