When I purchased the Vespa, they sold me a standard cover that fits smaller bikes and Scooters. However, it was made from a thin cheaper vinyl much like that of a shower curtain. It was plain grey and would flap back and forth on a windy day.

After staring at this beautiful espresso brown Vespa, an Italian engineering work of art, I decided that this shower curtain-style cover just did not fit. I would see these covers as I drove down local streets and would wonder if it was a Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki. Often they would be covering a Harley.

Perhaps they are good enough for these bikes, but nothing but the best will cover my new GTV-33 Vespa. So I asked my dealer how much the original Vespa Cover costs and they said around $ 300.00. Wow, now that is expensive.


Therefore, I decided to shop around and I began calling other Vespa dealers across Canada to see if anyone had one in stock and if they would offer it at a better price.

I found a dealer in Toronto who had one in stock and would send it to me for $ 180.00 tax and delivery included.  I ordered it from Corsa Meccanica in Toronto.

When I received the cover, the writing had smudges. It was as if a mistake was made in the printing and they corrected it by printing on top.


The dealer offered to replace it but when he opened the other ones in stock, he found that they were all the same. So I complained directly to Vespa USA who distributes for Canada and they claimed that they would replace it for me.

Other than the writing, the cover is amazing. It came in a case that I use to transport it so that I can cover the Vespa at night in a hotel or Bed and Breakfast parking lot.


So I await the new cover to replace this one.